Before I came to The River Manchester, I faced domestic abuse in the hands of my husband. I was scared and had little confidence and didn’t believe in myself.

When I came to volunteer here, the staff were patient and showed me how to do things in the cafe. They also gave me the opportunity to learn how to market the cafe, make publicity and prepare the cafe and serve customers. By the end of my term there, i could manage the till, learn how to stock and take charge of the cafe.

I also gained my first paper qualifications in Level 2 in Food Safety. i was so happy. They have given me my confidence back. I don’t know what I will do without the River. If I had known about the River earlier, i could have done many things.  

I look forward to the future. I feel happier, have better health and many more friends now.
When I started at The River, I couldn’t do anything I had no confidence, no self-esteem. Didn’t like men whatsoever.  Now I’m full of confidence, I have dreams for the future and I’m building bridges with men.  I’ve overcome a lot of issues.  

I’m now looking forward to a positive future, thanks to the support of the people at The River Manchester.
I came to The River Manchester with no skills, work experience or confidence.  At first I was scared and nervous as I had no work history, I was a stay at home mother.

Then I met Lydia who said it wasn’t a problem and introduced me to the cafe where I went on to spend my 26 weeks work experience.  The staff were really nice, showing me again and again how to use the till and the equipment in the cafe.  They never got fed up with me asking for help and after a few weeks I could actually do some of the tasks without asking.  It boosted my confidence tenfold and slowly but surely I was doing it without any help. Now I have the confidence to run the cafe on my own. I have passed two courses while working at The River Manchester.

The River Manchester has helped me to be more confident in myself.
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